Friday, March 02, 2007

Poke me with a stick!

Well… it’s been a while... The weather is getting warmer, the evenings lighter, and my cache-trashing instincts are twitching…

So, I’ve been redesigning the site slightly, and decided to finally add it to google.

Anyway so, I logged into blooger to add an "update" post and Behold! A comment!

You'll like this one (click here to view - it's got swearies!) posted by anonymous, of course.

Oh, what fun!

I've also been lurking on the geocache forums. Current topics for discussion include the dangers posed by items found near caches (including broken glass bottles, hyperdermic needles, used condoms, dirty nappies etc); risk of attacks by animals when going off-track – including domestic farm animals and rats(!); and personal guilt from cachers who've caused damage due to careless choice of location such as near old walls, cemeteries or sites of special scientific interest.

How much personal risk are these sad bastards willing to put themselves at?

And answer me this. Who hasn't "got any personal worth" now?